Choose Love: Intention for a New Earth

“Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict — alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence.”
Dorothy Thompson

I am not sure how to describe how I am feeling about the state of the world right now. What I know for sure is that our species is surely struggling. I am weary of trying to figure out the whys. There are a thousand human reasons, I believe, and yet on a spiritual/soul level, there are absolutely none.


Below are words that started out as a poem, became an anthem, and have evolved into an intention. It is a work that is a culmination of over eight years, gleaned from more than 16 years worth of notes from journaling my personal thoughts, reflections, sadness and joy, love and loss. This work is a non-religious, extremely conscious, positive affirmation written in the first person, meant to be recited, out loud, or in one’s head in silence, to offer personal direction, guidance, and faith in a better tomorrow: a better next moment.
All we ever have control over is ourselves. This intention is meant to help the collective, by challenging each individual to get aligned/balanced with themselves from the inside out. Each word has been chosen carefully. Eight years of consideration in the making. For example, the word pray has no meaning other than that which you give it. It could mean “hope very much for something to happen.”…or it could be the most intimate request from you to your Higher Power. This is the amount of care and consideration I want to offer to my fellow humans. These words echo my own steps of work in letting go of fear and choosing love.
As a species we seem to be choosing more fear. We are killing each other out of fear. Why are we choosing this way? Why can we not see it is not working? Why do we not choose love? When we choose love it is always better. Love will always drive away fear, but we have to choose it.
In the moments when you are most afraid, what if you chose love?
Maybe you need help in knowing how? Maybe some directions? Something both you, and your neighbor could both have in common and use as a reminder in difficult moments?
Think of the act of recent violence that angers you the most. Now imagine, just for a moment, who you view as the perpetrator or perpetrators, and imagine that in the moment that they acted, they chose otherwise.
Now suppose that these same individuals heard this intention a month ago. What if they had repeated it to themselves for a week, every day, prior to the event you are remembering?

What if they, in that moment of fear, saw clear connection to the other?

Or in that instant of fear, sparked by their own pain and sorrow, suddenly had perspective from that same memory that offered hidden, immeasurable joy because these words implied it could be so?

What if the image of a shield of forgiveness, for a hurt from a moment gone by, allowed for a pause that was just long enough to delay the pulling of a gun trigger?
How many lives might be saved if these words are used as guidance for a better next moment? For a better tomorrow?
Please share this post far and wide. May we use the repeated reading/stating of the Intention for a New Earth like a pledge, a declaration of commitment to our species, to each other, to our children, this planet and all its creatures: a solemn vow from each of us to current and future generations of all life that inhabits the earth, to leave it better than when we arrived.
Send these words anywhere and to anyone you think will benefit from an intention that will help them to take pause, let go of fear, avoid conflict and violence, and choose love.

*Places of Worship
*Schools at all levels
*Board rooms
*Court rooms
*Town Halls
*Police Stations
*Military Barracks
*Summer Camps
*Retreat Centers
*State Houses
*The U.N.

How might the world change if this intention was consciously put into practice by the majority of the people, in these places, on a regular basis?

Join me. Say no to fear. Be part of a Great Turning…a New Earth.
Choose love.

Love always wins…and so it goes.

Intention for a New Earth
(c) 2008 Cyndy Dalton
This is the time for intuition;
all answers that I hold inside.
Challenge myself with introspection,
My consciousness will be my guide.

Seize the chance for evolution,
being all that I am meant to be.
Now is the time for resolution.
See clear connection…you to me.

Pair together peace and honor,
wars can simply cease to be.
Let forgiveness be my armor
from ignorant animosity.

Extend my hand to end this chapter;
hate and fear may now depart.
Find lessons in every struggle hereafter
Abounding grace shall fill my heart.

Essential choices stand before me.
Each moment, now, is in my hands.
Unite all souls, all kindred spirits.
So every human understands.

Awaken to, and feel, my essence.
No need to wait another minute.
Fill my core with gratitude
For this world and all that’s in it.

Breathe in deep and know the moment.
Let ego’s worry fade away.
Seek the joys within the sorrow.
Take hold the stillness; dare to pray.

Hear the silence. Feel connection.
Speak from my heart and know its worth.
Then watch the Universal love
express itself as this new earth.

3 thoughts on “Choose Love: Intention for a New Earth”

  1. Cynthia Marguerite Dalton , AKA BFF, you are truly amazing! This is a true sentiment of how despair, through an ingenious authors mind, can ultimately distort the reality of foe. Your amazing talent allow readers alternate pathways toward life, happiness, peace, and love.
    Love does always win..
    Your BFF

    Liked by 1 person

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